Pacific Crest Trail Volunteers Needed in 2022

Hello Pacific Crest Trail User,

We are launching a trail user observational effort in partnership with the Pacific Crest Trail Association to monitor temperature and humidity along the Pacific Crest Trail this year. Data collected this year will be used to prove that hiker-collected samples can capture spatial and temporal variation along the PCT and will train us in processing and analyzing the data. The measuring device is small and light — the diameter of a half-dollar and weighs only a few ounces. The device can easily be attached to your pack.

If you are embarking on a several day hike along the PCT in 2022 and you wish to contribute to this weather monitoring study by carrying this small lightweight weather instrument, we will contact you to supply this device and provide details.

Please email and provide the following information:
* Where and when you plan to enter the PCT
* Where and when you think you will leave the PCT

Please email us at and we will work out arrangements.

Thank you,
The Hikeweather monitoring team