Developing and implementing LOCA required a lot of support and effort from different groups! I am extremely grateful for all the support we received to make this project possible.

The California Energy Commission sponsored the fundamental development of the LOCA downscaling system, and so was the bedrock on which this entire effort was founded. Their support made all this possible!

The LOCA dataset was produced on the NASA Earth Exchance (NEX) and we thank NEX for key computational resources and support. Without their support we would not have been able to actually produce the final data set!

Support from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers allowed us to actually use the NASA computational resources to produce the data set. USACE support, and contributions from the US Bureau of Reclamation, enabled us to run the LOCA data through the VIC land surface model.

Support from NOAA’s California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP) RISA was important to the entire work, allowing us to analyze, refine, tune, and make the final data available as needed to people who could actually use it.

A statistical downscaling is only as good as its training data set, and we would like to thank Ben Livneh of the University of Colorado for working with us and contributing his gridded data set to be used as training data for LOCA.