LOCA Bibliography

  • The peer-reviewed paper that describes changes in LOCA version 2 (CMIP6 GCMs) downscaling is:

Pierce, D. W., D. R. Cayan, D. R. Feldman, and M. D. Risser, 2023: Future Increases in North American Extreme Precipitation in CMIP6 downscaled with LOCAJ. Hydrometeor.https://doi.org/10.1175/JHM-D-22-0194.1, in press.

  • The main peer-reviewed paper that describes the LOCA statistical downscaling scheme is:

Pierce, D. W., D. R. Cayan, and B. L. Thrasher, 2014: Statistical downscaling using Localized Constructed Analogs (LOCA). Journal of Hydrometeorology, volume 15, page 2558-2585. (If you do not have access to that journal, you can alternatively download the author’s copy, which contains the same material but has not undergone the journal’s copy-editing or proofreading.)

  • The entire LOCA system consists of two parts: bias correction and the LOCA downscaling step itself. The peer-reviewed paper for the bias correction is:

Pierce, D. W., D. R. Cayan, E. P. Maurer, J. T. Abatzoglou, and K. C. Hegewisch, 2015: Improved bias correction techniques for hydrological simulations of climate change. Journal of Hydrometeorology, volume 16, page 2421-2442. Author’s copy of the paper.

  • LOCA downscaling the humidity field is documented in:

Pierce, D. W. and D. R. Cayan, 2015: Downscaling humidity with Localized Constructed Analogs (LOCA) over the conterminous United States. Climate Dynamics, DOI 10.1007/s00382-015-2845-1. Author’s copy of the paper.

  • The reference for the observed training data set is:

Livneh, B., T. J. Bohn, D. W. Pierce, F. Munoz-Arriola, B. Nijssen, R. Vose, D. R. Cayan, and L. Brekke, 2015: A spatially comprehensive, hydrometeorological data set for Mexico, the U.S., and Southern Canada 1950-2013. Scientific Data, v. 2, article 150042 (2015). doi:10.1038/sdata.2015.42.

  • The observed training data can be downloaded from either of these two pages: