LOCA version 2 for North America (ca. Jan 2023)

LOCA version 2 at 6 km for the North American domain (approximately southern Canada through central Mexico) using CMIP6 was completed in late 2022. This is one of the downscaled data sets that is being used to inform the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA5).

(You can also read how the North American downscaling differs from the California downscaling or how LOCA version 1 differs from LOCA version 2).


The preferred method of downloading the data is via Globus from this link. If you have trouble downloading from that link and don’t have an institutional account, make sure you are using the Globus Connect Personal app.

If you can’t use the globus approach, the data are available from a (much slower) server at:


The data can be downloaded for either the entire domain (central Mexico through Southern Canada) in directory NAmer or, if you don’t need the entire domain, you can download data from just your region of interest in directory CONUS_regions_split.

Here are the regions for the regionally split data:

These regions are based on the U.S. climate regions used by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) and defined in Thomas R. Karl and Walter James Koss, 1984: “Regional and National Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Temperature Weighted by Area, 1895-1983.” Historical Climatology Series 4-3, National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC, 38 pp.

Data description

* 6 km spatial resolution

* Daily Tmin, Tmax, and Precipitation. (We are currently working on humidity.)

* 1950-2100

* SSP 245, SSP 370, and SSP 585 are included, but only if the original GCM ran those scenarios

* Up to 10 ensemble members (for models that saved data from multiple ensemble members)

Methodology and references to cite

* Found in the bibliography


Here is the detailed list of models, ensemble members, and SSPs that were downscaled. I downscaled all models with the requisite data available when I started the project.

1 ACCESS-CM2 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
2 ACCESS-CM2 ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
3 ACCESS-CM2 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
4 ACCESS-CM2 ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
5 ACCESS-ESM1-5 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
6 ACCESS-ESM1-5 ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
7 ACCESS-ESM1-5 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
8 ACCESS-ESM1-5 ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
9 AWI-CM-1-1-MR historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
10 AWI-CM-1-1-MR ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
11 AWI-CM-1-1-MR ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
12 AWI-CM-1-1-MR ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
13 BCC-CSM2-MR historical r1i1p1f1 
14 BCC-CSM2-MR ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
15 BCC-CSM2-MR ssp370 r1i1p1f1 
16 BCC-CSM2-MR ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
17 CESM2-LENS historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r9i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
18 CESM2-LENS ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r9i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
19 CNRM-CM6-1 historical r1i1p1f2 
20 CNRM-CM6-1 ssp245 r1i1p1f2 
21 CNRM-CM6-1 ssp370 r1i1p1f2 
22 CNRM-CM6-1 ssp585 r1i1p1f2 
23 CNRM-CM6-1-HR historical r1i1p1f2 
24 CNRM-CM6-1-HR ssp585 r1i1p1f2 
25 CNRM-ESM2-1 historical r1i1p1f2 
26 CNRM-ESM2-1 ssp245 r1i1p1f2 
27 CNRM-ESM2-1 ssp370 r1i1p1f2 
28 CNRM-ESM2-1 ssp585 r1i1p1f2 
29 CanESM5 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1 
30 CanESM5 ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1 
31 CanESM5 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1 
32 CanESM5 ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1 
33 EC-Earth3 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
34 EC-Earth3 ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
35 EC-Earth3 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
36 EC-Earth3 ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
37 EC-Earth3-Veg historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
38 EC-Earth3-Veg ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
39 EC-Earth3-Veg ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
40 EC-Earth3-Veg ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
41 FGOALS-g3 historical r1i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
42 FGOALS-g3 ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
43 FGOALS-g3 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
44 FGOALS-g3 ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
45 GFDL-CM4 historical r1i1p1f1 
46 GFDL-CM4 ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
47 GFDL-CM4 ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
48 GFDL-ESM4 historical r1i1p1f1 
49 GFDL-ESM4 ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
50 GFDL-ESM4 ssp370 r1i1p1f1 
51 GFDL-ESM4 ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
52 HadGEM3-GC31-LL historical r1i1p1f3,r2i1p1f3,r3i1p1f3 
53 HadGEM3-GC31-LL ssp245 r1i1p1f3 
54 HadGEM3-GC31-LL ssp585 r1i1p1f3,r2i1p1f3,r3i1p1f3 
55 HadGEM3-GC31-MM historical r1i1p1f3,r2i1p1f3 
56 HadGEM3-GC31-MM ssp585 r1i1p1f3,r2i1p1f3 
57 INM-CM4-8 historical r1i1p1f1 
58 INM-CM4-8 ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
59 INM-CM4-8 ssp370 r1i1p1f1 
60 INM-CM4-8 ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
61 INM-CM5-0 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
62 INM-CM5-0 ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
63 INM-CM5-0 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
64 INM-CM5-0 ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
65 IPSL-CM6A-LR historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r9i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
66 IPSL-CM6A-LR ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
67 IPSL-CM6A-LR ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r9i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
68 IPSL-CM6A-LR ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1 
69 KACE-1-0-G historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
70 KACE-1-0-G ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
71 KACE-1-0-G ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
72 KACE-1-0-G ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
73 MIROC6 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
74 MIROC6 ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
75 MIROC6 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
76 MIROC6 ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1
77 MPI-ESM1-2-HR historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r9i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
78 MPI-ESM1-2-HR ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1 
79 MPI-ESM1-2-HR ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r9i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
80 MPI-ESM1-2-HR ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1 
81 MPI-ESM1-2-LR historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
82 MPI-ESM1-2-LR ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
83 MPI-ESM1-2-LR ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
84 MPI-ESM1-2-LR ssp585 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1,r6i1p1f1,r7i1p1f1,r8i1p1f1,r10i1p1f1 
85 MRI-ESM2-0 historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
86 MRI-ESM2-0 ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
87 MRI-ESM2-0 ssp370 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1,r4i1p1f1,r5i1p1f1 
88 MRI-ESM2-0 ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
89 NorESM2-LM historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
90 NorESM2-LM ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1,r3i1p1f1 
91 NorESM2-LM ssp370 r1i1p1f1 
92 NorESM2-LM ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
93 NorESM2-MM historical r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1 
94 NorESM2-MM ssp245 r1i1p1f1,r2i1p1f1 
95 NorESM2-MM ssp370 r1i1p1f1 
96 NorESM2-MM ssp585 r1i1p1f1 
97 TaiESM1 historical r1i1p1f1 
98 TaiESM1 ssp245 r1i1p1f1 
99 TaiESM1 ssp370 r1i1p1f1

# models : 27 
# model/expts : 99 
# model/expts/ens : 329 
total model years : 26026